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Transform Your Space Below

Discover the untapped potential beneath your feet with FRC Construction's basement finishing services in Ottawa and surrounding areas. A finished basement is not just an upgrade; it’s a smart investment into expanding your living space and enhancing your property's value.

Unlock the Value in Your Home

A well-executed basement finish can significantly increase your property's market value. It's more than just an additional room; it's a functional, versatile space that can adapt to your evolving lifestyle needs.

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Ensuring Longevity: Moisture-Proofing and Insulation

Key to any basement renovation is the longevity of the space. FRC Construction specializes in moisture-proofing and insulation, crucial in the Ottawa climate, to ensure your basement remains a comfortable, dry, and energy-efficient area for years to come.

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Adding Convenience with a Basement Bathroom

Incorporating a bathroom into your basement design not only adds convenience but also increases functionality. Our skilled team can seamlessly integrate a fully functional bathroom into your basement layout.

Customization at Its Best

Imagine the possibilities:

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