In the dynamic landscape of Ottawa home improvement, the trend of adding Second Dwelling Units or Legal In-Law Suites has gained considerable momentum. FRC Construction, a leading general contractor in Ottawa and surrounding areas, specializes in these additions that not only enhance property value but also provide a significant source of additional income. These units can be a strategic move for homeowners, potentially aiding in mortgage payments and increasing overall property worth.

sunken basement entrance in custruction secondary kitchen new sunken basement entrance secondary kitchen

Benefits of Second Dwelling Units

The inclusion of a Second Dwelling Unit or In-Law Suite on your property comes with multiple benefits:

Navigating Legal and Zoning Considerations

When it comes to Second Dwelling Units, navigating the legal and zoning landscapes is crucial. At FRC Construction, we possess comprehensive knowledge of Ottawa's zoning laws and regulations. Our team expertly handles:

The Financial Aspect: Extra Income and Mortgage Assistance

Investing in a Second Dwelling Unit or In-Law Suite is not just about expanding living space; it's a financial strategy. Homeowners in Ottawa have used these additions to:

Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations

Safety and compliance are paramount in construction. FRC Construction ensures:

Why Choose FRC Construction for Your Second Dwelling Unit

Our experience in building Second Dwelling Units and In-Law Suites makes FRC Construction the go-to contractor in Ottawa:

Choose FRC Construction for your Second Dwelling Unit or In-Law Suite project, and invest in your property’s future with confidence. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your space and enhance your property’s value and functionality.

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